At the London conference delegates were asked to make a pledges.

Most were fairly general with midwives pledging to try to ensure continuity in their clinic or provide woman centred care, but there were some other themes that came out as outlined below:
  • The importance of and protection of caseload midwifery
  • Providing woman centred care at all times either in individual practice or within wider organisation
  • Promoting and championing the benefits of continuity amongst colleagues, pregnant piers and the media
  • Promoting to and educating student midwives in the impact of continuity and including Continuity of Care as a structured part of their training
  • Talking to managers, team leaders, heads of midwifery and trustees to give feedback on the conference and discuss ways continuity can be improved.

If you would like to share more about your own pledge then we would love to hear from you. You can share information on our Facebook Group or on Twitter; but if you wanted us to include your story on the website please do email us.

Even if you were not at the conference, but would like to make a pledge then we would be really pleased to hear from you.